I Love You Too, Babez
This one goes out to my ol time fren, Cheryl Sng. I dreamt about her last night, dreamt I let her down but she still put her trust in me. It's been a long time since I've seen her and I miss her sister, Charmaine, as well. I used to be such a mega bitch to her back in school when all she wanted to do was to be a friend to me. Now that we're no longer in the same anything, I'm beginning to appreciate her. Coz she still remembers me and she's forgotten about all the my insults, my snide remarks and our conflicts. Wah, so easy for her to forget, don't you think? Wish I could be like that. I mean, if I was dealing with me, I'll just erase me out of my memory banks numsayin' coz who wants to deal with a neurotic broad?