"me fren saw my 'how to maintain your vibrator' instruction sheet"
i'm rolling around on the floor, laughing my socks off. ok, sniggering uncontrollably till my screen's raining spit. chill chill lar! people, never overdo the murtabak at jalan kayu. killer, man, KILLER! what i need is a Beastie Boys ringtone for my phone. some idiot on the train had a super nice Intergalactic tone. bloody hell. NS man shouldn't have funky ringtones. i want the It Takes Time To Built song off their new album on polyphonic. you know the part before the chorus starts? bloody addictive hook ok. Hendrix's Strat is going for SGD782, 500, cigarette burns included. the one i fell in love with is somewhat similar but only two pick-ups. Null pretended to be interested in what i was saying about the Strat. but of course he launched into Gene Simmons and levelled horns and axe and dunno dunno dunno after i was done talking. his dream guitar is the punisher. go figure. i want to get the Toby Julian (i actually named it already) not because of idols (i have no guitar idol though i adore bassists) but because i love it the first time i saw it. it was just so unexplainable because i never had any real interest to 'play' music. it's one of those situtations where you look in a shop window, something catches your eye and you know right away you had to own it. crummy crummy! why do i suddenly think that Mischa Barton chick sounds like a man when she talks? the clothes is definitely the best thing about watching The O.C. Farah, is Nisa still living at Bangsar? really important coz i just sent a letter to that address. we gotta go mamak KL Menjerit style, numsayin'? i shall leave you with something i find real hot, a line rapped by MCA on 3 The Hard Way: To all my heads all over the world: Qu'est-ce-que tu fabriques? Que cosa fai? Come sta e? Ho fato molte telefonate.