I Just Got Out of Bed
woke up to calls. one from the Baroness De La Nazty and one from the Nanny. the Nanny is performing right about now at the Grrrl Fest. i'm actually sorry that i can't make it. i haven't heard from him in weeks and it was nice of him to call and check whether i was gonna come down. we miss you even though sometimes your ideals can be grating on the nerves. i was up all night on the computer, fiddling around on friendster.com. roaming around aimlessly, looking at pictures and interests and testimonials. i have to tell you that i am impressed with the KL Kool Kids (KKK). i did an impromptu survey on local kids and KL kids using the gallery serach engine thingamajig. they have more Strokes fans over there than here. can you imagine?!! the KKK are also as fashioncore as the local kids. plus there are more dudes with afros over there than there is here. so more brownie points for the KKK. funky hor? i'd like to do a survey on the Indo Kool Kids next. i suspect that their music interests would lean more to Brit bands. gawd i must be so bored. but really if you think about it, it's kinda interesting. the power of the media is unsurmontable no? and there's of course MTV. i prefer watching MTV in Indonesia than here. the programs are more localized in a way, they show more videos by local bands.