Ay Papi
this made me snigger like an extra in Mean Girls. i'll only start bidding on anything authentically Strokes if it was Albert's white strat. i won't even bid on Julian's shoes, though i dig them so much. it'd be interesting to see die-hard fans bid on Fab's shirt. i've always wonder about the Coke shirt thing. obviously it's some sort of a statement he wants to make, isn't it? i mean, does Fab truly digs drinking Coca Cola or is he a junkie? i did want to get myself a Coke shirt in honor of Fabrizio at one point of time last year. but i've decided i want to own a ratty Mickey Mouse shirt i saw Graham Coxon wore one time.
whatever it is i still think Fab's got the best blood mix among The Strokes. you can never go wrong with Italian and Brazilian, friends. did y'all catch The Postman last night on Central? really beautiful location hor. Neruda was ablsolutely right about taking a walk along the beach strip, man. i swear if you put me in a place like that i'd be churning out pretentious Nature themed poetry every single minute. but most probably i'll be conked out on the beach too drunk on the sea breeze. i've still got that dream about retiring in Cuba. which reminds me, i want to go watch The Motorcylce Diaries. first, because it's about Che and since he's on my Top 10 Dead People To Shag list, it's only right i go watch this thing about him. second, Gael Garcia Bernal plays him.
he's hot no? you might remember him from that TV mini series, Fidel. he was already playing Che Guevara. i want to make a hobby out of bitching about rock stars on MSN with a fellow bitching partner. we've covered 3 Hot Guitarists and 3 Hot Bassists so far. we've still got 3 Rock Pansies to go. it's fun!