And Them New Bands Keep A-Coming
beautiful track of last week was Moving by Supergrass

i'm missing something here, aren't i? the 80s has come back to haunt me. check out Britain's Interpol, The Departure and all them other bands like The Futureheads, The Features and so on and so on. now's a good time to be a Ja Rule fan. or a euro electronica fonicator. Saz recommends Jagga Jazzist for the Pizzicato 5 fanatic. says their videos remind him of my collage. that was after he called me a magazine killer. your mom lar, Saz. yet another 'attitude assault' last night, this time coming from MP's resident megoassholic rock diva directed at Harm. when one finds out that one is working for free, do not expect one to sit back and enjoy being stepped on. it is only fair. being the megoassholic rock diva that he is, he should know that 'tit for tat' phrase very well already. but yet he's too quick to forget he isn't the only one who's excellent at foul play. please realise my big fat attitude problem is going to be the least of your worries when shit starts to hit the fan (of which it is inevitable). i can't say that i'm overly upset last night. i was happy, happy knowing that my tolerance level is on the up. all those weeks of abstinence have finally paid off.