i think i'm dumb or maybe just happy

because there is jackshit to do and if there were, i am procastinating. my bloody head hurts. sunday is lineng's birthday. ah mah's birthday akan datang, i think. could be over and i wouldn't know. shiztoong. bus rides are so long or is it just me? especially the siglap route. on normal days it takes less than 30 min to get from kallang to siglap. but just now, man, it took all of 45min. how can i not get into a hissy fit? and my head was throbbing all the waaaaaay. packed like sardines in a tin can.

between the jagger girls, i prefer jade because she went out with pharrell williams and elizabeth just looks like a horse without her paint. jade's got that south american look. plus, she got her daddy's mouth. not elizabeth.

the week has been excruciatingly bland. what with all of this ongoing band politics that has got nothing to do with me but some people just HAD to fill me in about. who in the fuck'shole cares about that mucking band anyhow? and my ex-boss' behaviour. my respect for her is peeling away like the skins of an onion. i've got this gut feeling she doesn't think much of me either. oh well, i don't like going through tests just so i can be your friend. what kind of friendship is that?!! she's got me in a vicious mood for two days now. i would really like to snap out of it. today, i read a few blogs and they were talking about 'stupidity'. they make it sound like a disease, a flu that's apparently catching on to the people around them. couldn't help thinking why the hell was there a need to get ourselves educated if we were only going to be so snooty about it?