Where Is The 'I' In 'We'?
no, i'm not having one of those 'soul-searching' moments. how ghastly if i were. i'm still trapped in this pessimistic, self-loathing, lousy whatchamacallit. perhaps a retrospective binge. who knows? i don't. too many things in my mind to sort out and i don't want to sort them out. that is the problem. i have no will, motivation, whathaveyous to sort them out. it's as if i became incredibly disillusioned overnight. it's the feeling you get when you realise whatever comes out of your mouth, whatever you do with your time is fucking unsubstantial. great, now i'm listening to Da's dykehouse Chainsmoking. by the way Da, a friend of mine was asking whether his album Mirage is any good.