How Can You Ever Let Me Down?

my lastest obsession is a few centuries old vampire. i dig Hellsing, man. i dig Arucard. i dig Integra. i dig the soundtrack. i've been anime-deprived eversince papa did away with cable two years ago. so now i only get my anime fix via Arts Central. more! we need more anime on that bloody channel!!!

today skivved work, stayed in and watched 4 movies back-to-back. i'm still having the headaches. it's been going on for three days straight now. momma rented vcds this time round so i got to watch Ella Enchanted, The Stepford Wives, Gigli and Cold Mountain. if i had my way, i'd be renting Billy Liar. but momma's not to big on going back in time with the whole technicolor thing. the Burberry guy looked so hot in Ella Enchanted, i have to say. Nicole Kidman -stunning as per usual. i mean, really what else can she possibly be these days? Gigli just reiterates my opinion of Ben Affleck -fucking Grade A Schmuck. Jude Law is like everywhere now so watching him in Cold Mountain was nothing less than exasperating. and, yes, i spotted Jack White. i didn't actually think he'd look any more good looking on screen than he does in front of a camera. but i was wrong. he looks better on screen. i'm a shallow dullard. hawhawhaw. my headache is a bitch lar ok.

i was going to write some hogwash about love in this entry but i think it'll only aggravate my headache. i quite enjoy watching documentaries and movies that has to do with "fatal attractions" or short lived loves. what with Valentine's Day coming and all. how befitttingly sadistic. if it was a surreal anime world, i'd be Seras Victoria with Arucard's head craddling in my arms, trying to drink his blood from his lips. sing with me now: love is suicide... love is suicide.