"Geektanic Weezmacht"

ok first thing's first. the Cream song makes me delirious. drrrty, man!

on Saturday i met up with Mat. he was dressed in a black shirt, dark denims and gum soled shoes. i don't pay close attention to what he has on because usually it doesn't interest me much. on Saturday he reminded me of a skinnier Razi. Razi, in turn, reminded me of Rowley because he's his favourite skateboarder and there was one point of time when nutty Razi wanted to epitomize Rowley. initially, i thought Mat had on a ratty black WWF shirt until i sat across from him over a big bowl of steaming chicken chop udon (i'm hungry yo!) and i got a good look of what it was. he had on a genuine Weezer shirt y'know the one they were parodying Slayer's Slaytanic Wehrmacht. i was speechless for a coupla seconds and he caught me staring at his chest. he had this extremely smug smile on his face and that's rare because usually i'm always the one with the smug expression. he proceeded to tell me about his new shoes. upon close inspection i realise they were Vans SK8-HIs and yes, i shall grudgingly admit that they look good on him. wah lan eh! i wanna know who he's been hanging out with and i wanna be best friends with them.