going to kenny's in awhile. his birthday bbq thing. thought i'll go because i haven't ate anything since the egg mcmuffin at 9am. i'm knackered like woah so actually lying down on my bed right now sounds like a superb idea. but since i haven't seen kenny and the rest of the parkway faces in like eons, i figured i'd put in an appearance. plus he has promise me what he calls "soul food". vodka anyone? hurhur!

so what have i been up to? hurting peoples' feelings. heh what's new? it's just that i have very low tolerance for insipid people who don't really know what they're talking about but they're passing it (whatever it is they think sounds intelligent lar) off as the word of God. fuck lar. people think that i get a kick out of telling them off. but yesterday was different. really it is. i felt lousy after i opened my trap because i knew i was harsh. but i'm not particuarly sorry that i said what i did. i thought it was about time. he can hate me but yesterday, he needed to know i was furious and have been since thursday. i know they're going to bitch about me among themselves saying "Harm was so harsh... lost her cool... she thinks she's all that...rah rah rah." but if i hadn't yell at him yesterday, nobody will. i was very close to saying i wanted to step down because i was beginning to be disenchanted with the whole set-up. we're so fucked up, man.

there's this gay guy sitting in front of me right now. he's one of those nasty looking gay guys. i mean not butt ugly nasty but just perioxide blonde nasty and he looks like he'd be more at home in Sarawak with his Batak kakis than here in front of me typing away (probably logged into his fridae account). he stole my computer just by the way. he just siddled in and took my chance of sending in my second draft to Low. i'm not angry, i actually feel sorry for him. here's exhibit A of an SPG. he looks it, man. y'know how i know? he was so incredibly defensive when the owner of the place told him i was actually waiting for that terminal he so cunningly stole from me. so he says to the man, "How was I suppose to know? I didn't see her waiting outside." so he wasn't going to move an inch? big deal, man. the fag made it a bigger issue than i did. you should see the look on his face. it's ill-y defensive but he tries to pass it off as clueless. i was such a tart i imagined him going missionary with his ang moh boyfriend with that same look on his face. couldn't have been more befitting, i swear to gawd! he was as see-through as the white hot shorts he came here in. did i meantion he's got a Roxy trucker cap on? yes, THAT kinda nasty.

hey The Magic Numbers are nice. go listen to them.