let's get this outta the way. all the Leos in the house lemme here you say RAWRRRRRRRRR!

happy birthday to the people who were unfortunate enough to know me (kidding lar. i'd like to think y'all think i'm pretty damn funny)

cindi UB
kenny roxy
null champion
nenek (the supremo matriach!)
vanessa cluck cluck

i think i missed out two or three people on this list. aiyah no matter.

ok Day2 of not going to school and still i haven't make use of the time to study. now why's that? because i would prefer to sleep. not that i'm shit-faced tired or anything. it's just that i haven't been doing much of it lately since last week. so i sorta miss it. i've turned down Teh's offer to study with the rest of the UB posse. i'm broke you guys. when i'm broke i don't want to move an inch from my room and i want to wallow in my self-pity. only trips i make is to my grandma's for solace and to get spoilt by her. see, i'm a brat like that.

feeling kinda bleargh and irritable. checked my inbox and didn't get the replies i was expecting. oh yes the elusive 1st 1ssue is up already. so the challenge is how to find it. heh heh if you're smart enough you'll find it. relations within the team is pretty much volatile. thanks to my big mouth. hurrah hurrah hurrah! i feel for a slice of cake.

y'know yesterday at night a little before The O.C came on, the radio at work was switched on to 98.7FM (i think). were they doing some 90s special or something? because the songs they were playing in that particular hour reminded me of secondary school. like REALLY reminded me of secondary school. there was Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve... aiyah y'know lar which period. the period when that Marcy Playground geeks came out with Sex & Candy. i couldn't do my drink orders for a bit because i was standing by the counter trying to recall White Town's Your Woman. i remember how fantastic i thought that track was when i first heard it on radio. growing old growing old. and they were playing that Gavin McGraw video yesterday too. DID YOU KNOW I THOUGHT HE WAS THE LEADSINGER OF COPELAND? ahahahahahahaha i so flippantly told Chris that i thought there was nothing distinguishable about the bloke with the sound off. well it's true. you compare someone like Gavin McGraw (and that bloke from Copeland, they look alike. only one's weedier) to the likes of Billy Corgan and Carlos D. like hello!