i am thoroughly lazy! hur what's new? i'm annoyed with my new best friend. ok he's not my new best friend. my new needle on both sides. he is so lazy. he makes me lazy because he is as lazy as i am. i told him to do one simple task and he got all shitty on me. slut! how i'd like to put that retarded head of his in between an F-clamp and watch it pop. bah!

this entry is supposed to be about boys. boys and mice. ok only boys. because yesterday out of the blue Baroness Le Nasty texted me in the early morn about some dkk dude. for a minute i thought i was supposed to be in TP for a 9am lecture. but yar last 3 days got exams so jangled nerves and nothing else. so boys was a very good distraction topic. dkk dude turned out to be engaged and the Baroness was none too happy. i mean, who would be? i happen to think that dkk dudes are the bomb

so today in the train on the way to school i started to think about all the boys i used to crush on when i left secondary school. and i started to do all of these stereotyping to entertain myself. i could only come up with 4 categories: mop tops for the curls, abang abang smack, quiet riot and geektonia.

mop tops for the curls
my all time favourite category. they're shameless and cheeky and they are almost always cute buggers. curly cretins. most of them are party people, some of them band boys and a large number of them were ITE blokes. hawhaw! but hey they're fun. you got a party or a chalet to liven up you call them. you got raspberry absolut vodka to finish up you call Harm.

abang abang smacks
the druggies in the house. raspy voice, tall skinny, unwashed, ripped jeans, high cheek bones, steamy eyes, brooding... aiyah you get the picture. oh yes! older! well they don't do drugs, they just look it. i've always had a penchant for a mat who looks like he's on smack. hence my gray Purcells (in case y'all we wondering whether it's about THAT muhd, the answer is no). the Baroness and Da will recall that there was one point of time i was infatuated with this old fart who looks like anthony keidis if he was ever an ex-con. f.y.i: i still think the keyman's hot ok!

quiet riot
hmmm they're like sunbeam you can't catch in the palm of your hands. i'd say these are the blokes who are visionaries in their own quiet way. they're usually dudes with few words (and those few words are almost always profound and delivered with a deadpan face) but once you get them alone they'll talk incessantly. they're talented, always seen by themselves and always looking preoccupied. i wouldn't say they're like those intense tortured artists. more like they're picky with who they open up to. let's call them the anti-heros. interestingly enough, some of the best skateboarders are the quiet riot type.

i usually become good friends with this lot. the most elitist of fans and most devoted. it can be comics, bands, music, movies, books, etc. you sit in a roomful of geeks and pretty soon you'd wonder whether they're even speaking English. no, they're not categorised as pseudo Cuomos because some of them are without glasses. they're particular about almost everything and they get really riled up if you talk trash about their favourite things.

and so these are the type of guys i am usually attracted to since i've been out of secondary school. previously it was jocks. hurhur.