I think I ma go nuts.


Yep, the who's who in the world of business and finance. There are more money drenched, wizened face farts that make up the economic constellation. What I don't get is why y'all cannot retire quietly?

Three slacker jacks got assigned to a section no one at work cares to make head nor tail of, led by Mr Metal-Head-sans-violence. I'm telling you there is some cosmic intervention in this assignation. The grooviest, by far, was one called The Hippie Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder. That's the story of Jansport backpacks.

Maybe the people who are trying to cop a Comme des Garçons feel should pick it up. Where have the spontaneity and the ingenuity in our young people gone to? We still haven't forgave Marc Jacobs about the Vans issue. This is like Nevermind breaking into the Billboards all over again. My guru was right for regarding the word indie with absolute distaste. But then he shouldn't be too elitist. It's gay, dude.

The general feeling now is of anxiety. Bah.