It's good that Supergrass is working on a new album. Great fun band. We're running out of fun bands. Like Alice Cooper haw haw haw. Anyhoo, it's raining and I'm missing out on my uncle's wedding on purpose. I'm tired, dudes. There is just far too much weddings to be had in March. I already skipped my cousin's so maybe I'll scrap weddings altogether in 2008. My old man used to say that nobody will come to mine if I don't attend these things but that's one superstition I'm willing to overlook. I get squirmy at weddings. You know what they say: marriage takes two, weddings involve the whole entire world.

2 songs got stuck in my brain due to overexposure brought by people around me:

Conqueror by Jesu (thanks to the boyfriend)
Waiting To Die by Sia (thanks to Null and his O.C fixation)