It's banal
Lurp didn't get to celebrate hari raya like the rest of us. She was hospitalized. We spent the whole night doing our usual -bitching while downing cups of tea. She told me everything for A to Z. And all this while I thought she was busy with her other life. She brought the whole boyan brood down to work and waited till I got off. We both realized that we have been through alot this year. So Bill and Ted are not embarking on any excellent adventure any time soon because we are remorseful in 2008. She said, "I hate talking about all the people I used to know and what they knew about me." I feel the same way. Things have worked out weirdly for both of us. From love life to careers to our health. We know more will come but we know we'll be sticking together. I really hope we'll go back to having excellent adventures. I get sick of the drab pretty easily.