A trendy Los Angeles-based clothing company, FreshJive, must be exposed to the American people for its promotion of terrorism through the garments it sells. While the company claims its t-shirt emblazoned with three pictures of Arab youths clutching machine guns, the so-called Palestinian flag, a map of the 1967 liberated territories, and the caption "Victimized" is now out-of-stock, FreshJive CEO Rick Klotz is boldly unashamed of glorifying Arab terrorism and un-Americanism! It is sad and embarrassing, yet not surprising, to recognize that Klotz is a Jew.
- read more from The Jewish Defense League

And we were just talking about it, weren't we?

People have protested against offensive t-shirts. This time it's t-shirts by FreshJive. The CEO is a very, very, very, very good friend of Encik B's. Well, naturally, seeing as how they are both from the same ilk. I like his offensive The World's Got Problems series but I think if I wore the shirt out, Big Brother will stop me in the streets, ask me a lot of questions and probably tell me to take it off then and there. I'm not one for shirts with political messages but I admire douchebags who have got the balls to take offensive t-shirt designs to another level. Yes, now we know who amongst us is not into Tomoaki Nigo Nagao, Shepard Fairey, Kaws and What's Good (what IS good, anyway?).

Seriously, it was either reading about this or the financial catastrophe (it was not entirely the Yanks fault, world. So I was told).