Of God's Favorite Children
I think the highlight of my Sunday was talking about the Jews and the New World Order with Poo and sister. It was the first time I was given a full explanation for something I know vaguely of. I still cannot believe it. It's too shocking. If the goal is to conquer the world, what good would it bring them? Just money, power and nothing else? Perhaps the satisfaction is in knowing that they have the power to orchestrate catastrophic world events and make the rest of us non Jews miserable because they are after all the oldest kids on the block and THEY CAN. Oldest and supposedly the favorite (and they are still not satisfied, can you believe that?). There has to be a higher purpose behind their machinations. Higher than only money, power and total domination of the human creed. Lemme know when you know. When they are done with the world, what would they do next? Try to build human colonies in outer space?