Let me just begin by saying that this year, December is my least favourite month. Because of work-related issues which is directly linked to social problems the ethnic community I'm from is facing. Thanks. You know, I try not let such heavy things like social problems get to me as much as I can help it. But it is not working. Since the report broke up, I am haunted by the causes, effects, personal reflections and what have-yous. I usually try not to be so intense but my brain has a mind of its own -it refuses to live and let live.

Which brings me to this post: a summary of my 2009.

Most visited site of 2009: E B's blog (hmmm sorry Guru, he has more tantalizing visuals albeit no mp3s to donwload).

Five albums on rotation in 2009: Primary Colours (The Horrors), Rated O (Oneida), We Ate The Machine (Polysics), Seeing For Miles (Uncut Mag Compilation) and Atheists, Reconsider (Oneida/Liars)

Five bands new to me in 2009: Tame Impala, Maps & Atlases, Inverness, Just Jack, The Morning After Girls

My vote for 2009 pop star: Lady Gaga

Most tiresome phrase used in 2009: Where is my life?

General mood in 2009: disgruntled and confused (daze and confused my foot lar!)

Future plans: Let's give myself that birthday present in March. Then can talk, thanks.